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Commercial Kit Club FAQ's

What is Commercial Kit Club?
Commercial Scrap Kit Club is a month to month paid member service that allows members to download and sell any or all of our two-page 12x12 SVG scrapbook page kits commercially.  Membership is a flat, $60 per month, recurring fee you set up at sign-up.  
What does the Commercial Kit Club include?
  • Two 12x12 SVG scrapbook kits per month for free (our kits are all two-page layouts = 24x12)
  • An unlimited commercial use license to sell any and/or all of our scrapbook kits as pre-cut, unassembled kits.  This means that you are not limited to any certain number of sales per month or kits that you can use EVER!  You are completely unlimited in your selling as long as you continue your membership.  This is the only one of our clubs that allows you to do this.

Is there anything else I should know before I sign up?
  • that immediately after sign-up, you will be sent an activation email.  Often, because it's coming from a new email with my new branding, your email provider automatically defaults unknown emails to your spam/junk folder.  If you do not see this activation email in your inbox within a few minutes after you sign up, be sure to check your spam folder!  You will not be granted access to your member files until you click on the activation link in this email
  • that the billing cycle takes place on a date that is 30 days from the date of your sign-up so be sure to mark that date down so you know when the payment is coming out.
  • that your card statement will be billed to either Creative Cuttables or PPbN Designs.
  • that your account is non-transferable and is only to be used by the person that signed up for services.
  • that Creative Cuttables reserves the right to cancel or refuse membership to anyone at any time at their sole discretion.
  • that the IP address that your file is downloaded on, is tracked.  If the system detects more than 2 IP addresses (in case you have up to 2 computers at home), your downloads will be revoked immediately.  This is to cut down on file sharing as much as possible.  If you are caught downloading your files on more than 2 computers, your membership will be terminated and all downloads for the rest of that month, revoked.  No refunds will be issued as your membership will have been terminated because you violated our download terms.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but hope you understand that file sharing is a constant battle that we, and all other graphic design companies struggle to track on a daily basis.  Thank you for your understanding with this issue.
  • that if you decide to cancel your membership, your commercial license will be revoked immediately at the end of the month of cancellation.
  • that if you decide to cancel your membership, any and all product listings in any online shop, must be taken down and/or cancelled immediately at the end of the month of cancellation.
  • that it is YOUR responsibility to cancel your membership and you can do so anytime, through your account on our site (if you paid with a credit card) or through your PayPal account.
  • that the terms of use on our site holds true for all of our clubs as well as any other designs on our site.
  • that the SVG scrap kits are available to download for that month ONLY and will be moved to the paid section of the shop on the 1st day of the following month.
  • that is you miss your download time frame, you forfeit your free downloads for that month.  We cannot keep up with sending files to all members who missed files.  This interrupts our design time and delays new additions to our shop.
  • that only in special circumstances, will Creative Cuttables manually send any downloads that you've missed (circumstances include: personal sickness, family emergencies and vacation).

 Cancellation Information

  • DO NOT cancel your membership until you've downloaded your files for that month or you will not be not able to download your files.  As soon as you cancel, your access is revoked due to the automatic nature of our system.  We chose this system so you could have access to your paid goods immediately after signup, as opposed to the old system we used where new members needed to wait several days for us to manually activate each new membership.  So, in order to grant you immediate access after you signup, the system must also deny you access immediately after cancellation. 
  • All billing occurs monthly, on the date that is 30 days after the date that you sign-up.
  • cancelling PRIOR to the billing cycle, your card is NOT charged and your account will be closed down and access restricted
  • cancelling AFTER a billing cycle will cancel your membership and restrict your access to that month's files and you will lose any and all files that you may not have downloaded before you cancelled.

About your download time frame (IMPORTANT)

  • All files are available at no cost to members during the current month ONLY and will be moved to the non-members area on the 1st of the following month.
  • If you miss download time frame during the month, you forfeit your free files for that month.
  • All past member files that you were NOT a member to receive, are available at any time at a 50% discount.